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  Welcome to the website for Infera Caldera, a new metaroom in developement for the game Docking Station and Creatures 3.

I've been playing the Creatures games off and on for nearly a decade. The amount of customization and artistic vision that is possible with the games in the Creatures Series are the biggest draw-in for me.

If you don't know me, my alias is Liger. I've developed the Terra and Terra Reborn metarooms in the past along side fellow Creatures Community Members. Recently I've begun putting together old projects I had stored away that I would like to finish. Infera Caldera is the culmination of those projects.

With many of my metaroom projects I've always tried to obtain a sense of unique and interesting design ideas. I've always loved the idea of a meta room with a lot of natural and environmental stuff going on. While I was designing the Terra metarooms I was also learning a lot. This time around the idea for
Infera Caldera has evolved a bit.

Where did the idea come from?
Back when the Magma norns were first released a lot of people were developing agents that catered to them. I, like many others, realized there wasn't a lot of hot environments for the Magma Norns, so the idea began here. I started to develope a metaroom in my head, that was a more harsh area.. hot, very hot.. and with a lot of interesting and fascinating things going on. I wanted to have erupting lava pools and vents, and steaming lava plains.. as well as huge selection of new and fascinating ecology along side it all.

The idea began to evolve from there. Not only did I want to have that, I also wanted more areas to explore and uncover as well as other environments that any norn could thrive in.

My style of designing the metaroom is very different from your average artist. I grew up playing Creatures 2, and I fell in love with the design for the Creatures 2 world.. that will probably explain why I love to incorporate the old areas I used to love exploring in new and fascinating ways. With my ability to edit images I was able to mesh together a fascinating landscape made up of not only Creatures 2, but also MKid112's Abyss (with his permission) which I felt needed to play a much bigger role in a metaroom and other 3D areas as well.

What environments are currently planned?
Well, if you look at the small image of the design of the metaroom you can see the different areas. Don't let the image fool you, this metaroom is actually quite huge! The upper left we have the lava plains from the Abyss and the lower left are the magma pools from Creatures 2. To the Right of the magma pools is a swamp, and to the right of that will be an abandoned lab.

Above the lab you can see the caverns which lead to the forested area above, which is a much cooler alternative to the lava plains and magma pools. To the left of the caverns is a small pond which can be flooded by closing doors that connect the areas. The idea didn't expand and evolve until much later, but the general idea of the areas just seemed to fit.

When will it be released?
The simple answer is, it will be released when it is complete. Unfortunately the first time I began the project I had created a lot of different agents. This time around however I don't have all my previous work. Essentially I began again when I discovered the files I had previously thought had been wiped out. I must admit however, that this time around the things I am designing are much more advanced and thought-out.

Like, for example, the Sulfora plant, pictured to the right. Originally a plant in Creatures 2, I've reimagined and redesigned it with a much more interesting existance. The red Sulfora plant is considered the male, and produces a sulfur-based gas to fertilize the female. It aquires the Sulfur from the environment. When the female is doused with the gas, the spores on it's surface turn into fruit--which in turn will eventually grow new Sulfora plants.

Can I do anything to help?
As a matter of fact.. I am more than pleased to incorporate any ideas or agents people would like to add to the design of the metaroom. Multiple heads are surely better than one. If you'd like to send some ideas my way go ahead and post in the forums or click on the contact link above and I'll be sure to get back to you.